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Stephanie is very passionate about the topic of money because there were too many times in her life that she felt that she

  • didn’t know what to do to make more money;

  • didn't know where to go to get information on how to best invest her money;

  • or thought that she was the only one struggling with debt and was ashamed to speak about it.

She is blessed to have strong phenomenal women surrounding her such as her mother, her aunt, sisters, best friends, clients, and colleagues. Successful and independent women. And yet, She has seen these fantastic women around her succumb to:

* financial abuse at the hand of their spouse.

* loss of their business because their significant other made poor decisions.

* loss of their business because their other half changed the ownership behind their back.


* making copious amounts of money but spending it all before the end of the month.


* not making enough money and crying with stress and fear their electricity might be shut off.

She has spoken with these women and has been these women. She hosts seminars to share information and empower women in whatever stage they are currently in. She wanted a place where they can come together and grow.


There is a new power being built by bringing women together to talk about money and wealth!

Green and Brown Realistic Interior Desig


That is why Stephanie founded Financially EmpowHERed LLC, her advisory business, which has become a community of busy and ambitious female business owners who come together to grow their business, form lasting friendships, and most importantly convert their business revenue into personal wealth!!

Green and Brown Realistic Interior Desig
Green and Brown Realistic Interior Desig
Green and Brown Realistic Interior Desig

If you would like Stephanie to bring her impact to your stage, apply by clicking on the topic that would best empower the women at your next event or conference!

5 Things Women Should Know About Investi

Where Did My Money Go?

Don't know WHERE all that hard earned cash is going? Do you have too much month at the end of your money? Are you spending more than you are making on all the luxuries, but nothing set up for tomorrow? As a successful and busy woman, it is easy to fall into the belief that earning more money is the answer- but it is not. If you are confused and overwhelmed on how to get started improving your finances, this session is for you!

5 Things Women Need to Know About Investing

Do you feel like the financial industry speaks in hard to understand jargon (gibberish) just to keep you in the dark? Make you feel like the stock market is scary and confusing? Stephanie is known for putting a female touch on finance and goes over the 5things you NEED to know. She designed this session for women who want to feel confident, make sense of investing, and take back control of their money!

5 Things Women Should Know About Investi

Retire Like A Boss Babe

As a business owner you're in a unique position to potentially transform your financial future. But if your bank account has looked the same for the past 5 or 10 years even though your business has been doing better and better: you may be making a common mistake! In this session you will learn to the 3 most common financial mistakes business owners make and how to overcome them.

Rock Balancing


Stephanie has collaborated with us twice in the past. On behalf of the Maumee Bay Club, I want to let others know our experience with bringing her to speak with the women of our club and community. Stephanie is very informative about options available to women and women business owners. She makes it very easy to understand and you leave knowing so much more than when you came. I highly recommend her!

Janice M.- National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women’s Club

Maumee Bay Club

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