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Do you need an Accountability partner to reach your financial goals?

Or someone who knows where you should start, and which steps to take next? 

Someone who has experience working with people just like you-

getting them out of debt and on track financially?

An Accountability Partner would be helpful if...

You start to stress out just thinking about money.

Every time you are about to swipe your card, you log on to your bank app to make sure the money is there. Or, you close your eyes and hold your breath waiting to hear the dreaded words "I'm sorry, but this card was declined." You have been embarrassed a time or two before, and now it haunts you.

You have often wondered, "Where did my money go?"

It seems that the moment money is deposited into your account, it is pulled out again for bills, debt, or some miscellaneous thing you can't even remember anymore (but was so important at the time). No matter how much you are making, you still seem to be living paycheck to paycheck. 

You feel imprisoned and frustrated by your financial situation.

Between your credit cards, auto loans, student loans and regular bills, you feel like a hamster on a wheel. Running fast, but never moving forward. Every time you think you are going to be able to take a breath, something comes along to knock you back. You'd love to travel, visit family... or even spend money on necessities without feeling incredibly GUILTY!

You're embarrassed and overwhelmed by the thought that you "should be farther ahead by now."

You have no idea where to begin because all the information you see online or - the unsolicited advice from family- contradicts each other. You may be embarrassed and think "I should know this stuff. Everyone else seems to know it!" Or it seems too time consuming and restrictive! 

If you found yourself nodding your head in knowing agreement, you might find yourself wondering if one on one coaching is right for you.



One to One Coaching

is great for women who want to:

* Remove the money blocks holding them back.

* Need guidance to gain clarity and control over their money.

* Pay off debt, and stay debt free!

* Ask questions and confirm their understanding. They find having someone look over their progress is helpful to their continued growth.

* Through one on one coaching one would have an accountability partner to make sure they are APPLYING the process... it's not enough to just have a plan- you have to implement the plan.

Woman with Laptop

Hi, I'm Stephanie!

It is my life's mission to help you navigate through your money blocks to get you achieving your goals and dreams!

I have worked one on one with women from all walks of life who want to accomplish their financial goals, break through their income barrier, and stop stressing about money.

If you feel one to one coaching might be right for you, schedule a FREE call today! We can chat a bit to see if we are a good fit working together.


Stephanie helped us understand the process. It is literally life-changing! What she does for me, for us, is amazing and we are thankful for her. She is always acting in our best interest and helping us, we are so grateful. Finally we are getting back in front of our bills- and going to be getting out of the paycheck-to-paycheck living soon!

- Kelly K.

Are you still a bit hesitant?

I understand, but here are some things to ponder...

Are you getting the results you want already?

If you are going through the Money Goddess Course and feel 100% supported, that all of your questions are being answered, and that you are holding yourself accountable (or perhaps you are going through the course with a girlfriend or family member); then one to one coaching may not be for you. You are self disciplined and that is fantastic! You can graduate directly to my advisory program, Finacially EmpowHERed Females, where one of our female financial advisors will help you optimize your money, manage it, and protect it.

Will you continue through the Money Goddess Course and implement everything without an accountability partner?

With the online Money Goddess course, you will have all of the information at your fingertips, but sometimes we need a little extra help, a nudge to keep us moving forward, a sounding board to discuss our feelings. I get it. For me that is working out. I know what to do... but when I get to the gym and my trainer is there my workouts are so much better. He keeps my form on point, he ensures I am pushing myself to grow to the next level, and - if I am honest- he makes sure I stay long enough. I mean, sometimes, I am ready to leave after 15 minutes. Wading through money blocks can be as difficult as pushing through the physical pain when working out. Sometimes it is just great to have someone there in your corner keeping you going so that you can achieve your goals!

How would you feel if you were in the same place next year?

Have you been living the same financial year again and again and again? Are you frustrated and ready to make a change? Are you willing to do what it takes to get real results? Then coaching can help you take that action. 

Coaching is not a good fit if you are comfortable where you are or you are not ready to make a change. 

What is financial security and confidence worth to you?

Take a moment to really consider your answer. Are you okay with making excuses and existing in this paycheck to paycheck life? Or do you want to take life by the proverbial horns and live a life of abundance, happiness, prosperity and independence? The process is not easy, but if you put in the work, it is absolutely worth it!

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