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It is my life's mission to help women break through income ceilings, get out of the vicious paycheck to paycheck lifestyle, and lead a life of financial abundance and personal fulfillment. 

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Putting a female touch on finance is what I do!

There is so much more to money than numbers.

There is a psychological, behavioral, and emotional portion to the way we as women attract, spend, and retain money. Our subconscious mind believes certain things about our relationship with money, and the Universe conspires to make it true. Whether it is good, or bad, or ugly.


That is why there are so many women who seemingly keep sabotaging their own financial goals.

How do I know? I have also had my own struggles with learning how to manifest more money, manage my money, and live my most purposeful life. Even though I KNEW what to DO, it seemed circumstances in my life kept preventing me from moving forward. I was living the same “financial year” over and over again, not making any progress.


I felt trapped. I felt defeated. I felt alone. I felt so behind, as though I should’ve been ahead “by now.”


And if someone like me, with a master’s in finance, can make money mistakes and need help removing money blocks… then there are so many other women out there who need help too.

So I became obsessed with mindset and manifestations, but it didn't start to work right away. I was doing it wrong. You see, it is like rowing a boat. One oar is the mindset and manifestations, the other oar is the know how. You have to row both of them at the same time to go forward!


It took 7 years to learn what it takes to make dreams become reality… and I want to share that with you, so it doesn't take you as long as it took me!


                                               Want to learn more? 




My initial approach to my debt was very problematic and unchartered. Stephanie was patient, kind, and met me where I was to help propel me forward. Now I am engaging with gazelle intensity!

Marsha H.

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