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It’s hard to make a decision or take action when you feel all alone.

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I see you, Boss Babe:

You are running your business, taking great care of your clients, your employees, and making that money… but when it comes to really building your wealth- you feel alone and stuck.


You realize knowing how to make money is not the same as knowing what to do with it once you’ve made it. It’s not that you don’t make great money, you do! It’s just that you are like most female business owners- you were never taught what to do with your money. You feel like you should "know" these things, and may be a bit hesitant to ask for help... and this lack of confidence makes you doubt your decisions.

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Let's work together, Join our community!

Which method would best serve you?




Don't know where to start when it comes to elevating your relationship with money? Feel behind and like you will never catch up?

I understand! That is why I designed this course to develop the mindset and habits proven to create a financially secure lifestyle:

and keep it that way!!

One on One Coaching

I work one on one with busy and ambitious female business owners who know that they can do better with their money.

Are you or someone you know looking to become financially empowHERed now and forever? Then this type of coaching is right for you!

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Money is as abundant in the Universe

As water is abundant in the ocean.

It is out there waiting for you to claim it.

Are you ready to claim your abundance?

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Seriously, I am so grateful for all of Stephanie’s time helping myself and my family. I was in tears at just how much freedom I feel now knowing we have a light at the end of the tunnel.  She literally  saved our lives. We were able to make it through a pandemic and having a second baby at the same time thanks to Stephanie’s help. We had savings to fall back on for the first time in our lives. She gave us peace of mind and financial freedom. She is such a blessing!

Chelsea M. - Nanny Miller Agency

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